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Open Setup Discussion Thread


you mean Ghost Town, right? :^)


Also what gave you that cruel idea
I’m still haunted by it


blame James2 for putting people through the setup for at least 2 weeks

i regret nothing, however


Ici one day karma will happen when you join a game with all jesters without knowing it


well whatever
I have more setups to rip from MU, so leeeeet’s continue!


Wait why.


This setup just went from Town sided to TOWN sided


because vigilante guilt is dumb and bad for vanilla and so is vigilantes being x-shot
you’re acting like vigis ACTUALLY shoot people every go and always hit wolves


I mean the unlimited shot is a little too much


Vig can now officially carry games


putting a 1-shot limit on viiglantes is the only real limit, 2-shot maybe
vigis do NOT shoot every night because it’s overall bad for the village if they’re even a bit wrong


They could also throw them if they keep hitting town.



if the vigi outs all the wolves they should be able to carry the game, especially if they can avoid the Heartbreaker, the Roleblocker AND the Role Seer all at once


Except if you hand a guy really good a gun he can carry games if you hand a really bad guy a gun he can shoot every one that isn’t mafia


High risk/High reward

That’s not a bad mechanic IMO


oh wait there’s a roleblocker nvm


How does it work if it’s a vig town and the heartless person thing

Vig shoots them
Mafia kills vig
And then the other town dies

Is it a draw?


Also, isn’t heartbreaker a mafia aligned fool?


It says “if they die by any means” does lynching count too?


1 for 1 trades are bad for wolves, so honestly it’s not really a wolf jester