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Open Setup Discussion Thread


That would work


yeah, if i run Lovesick that’s what the trigger will be
anyway, any thoughts on the setup BESIDES that?


Seems townsided. I would remove a single villager


i disagree there, Heartbreaker is strong enough to the point that being up against a vigi and an angel dosen’t really tank their chances that much


Would the heart breaker kill a target if they are lynched?


Oh yea. I didn’t think about this


If so then maybe it could work however it would be stupid against a 2 mafia 3 town and the town to lose cause of that


If they have the vig or angel they could still win that


Oh yeah I guess then that’s fair they should be keeping their PR alives


i feel like the chances of Heartbreaker becoming a wolf jester are low enough for it not to be a MASSIVE problem
the setup’s a bit more PR-focused than other relatively low-power ones but it looks fun enough that I don’t paticularly care


This setup looks rlly fun but I agree with nuke I could see Town winning it a lot


If they find the Masons with the Role Seer it might be worth while to keep them alive to do just that


As well it could be fun to actually fake mason to take the hit tbh


oh shit, role seer being able to find Masons adds a lot more swing to the setup when I think about it
we may need to scrap the Masons and replace it with something in the setup’s spirit for it to be balanced


Godfather Masons?




That could work


What about a setup like this?


Goal of the setup: Make sure everyone except the Sheriff has fun.


detection immune villas omegalul


It’s like this

They are actually neighbors so everyone thinks they are just VT because they don’t have any special equipment