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Open Setup Discussion Thread


same difference tbh


bu-bu you have different named scum so y u no diff name town?


Imo I don’t see the wolves ever using a watch as it outs them 100% as scum if they use it, only exception IMO would be if the town watcher died


Multiball is fun

Fight me if you disagree.


it wouldn’t out them as wolf, what are you talking about?

the watcher dosen’t catch the others visiting every single time


Wait so the watchers don’t see each other?


the watchers do, but think about the actual chances that the watchers watch the same people considering that the power rands are veeeeery few and far between


oh I see it now.

It actually looks pretty decent for a multiball setup and it would be fun IMO.


Watcher realistically has the EV of a seer who can’t clear people in thiss etup considering the sheer unlikihood of both wolf teams watching or killing the same person that the watcher watches


In this case a tracker is actually more powerful which is why it’s good it’s a watcher


Only bad thing is if the wolves destroyed each other but at the same time that’s what happens when you play multiball


sooo when it comes to make open vanilla setups what have we learnt?


1.Long games don’t work, not unless you add ITAS. They become extremely boring due to not much happening unless it’s getting very exciting which is not likely to happen during the first couple of day.

2.Post restrictions don’t really work, there is usually a loophole that could be found and then you would have to patch that, but what qualifies as breaking it?


Also I rlly want a competive ITA game where we don’t ITA for memes



In Fire Emblem Fates, they weren’t shots for memes. :eyes:


Somehjng like Fates but more balanced?


So can we have another one of those?


we have top men working on it right now


Who are these courageous and brave men?


Like it was with FE Fates? God, we’re doomed…