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Open Setup Discussion Thread


You are a Kitten with claws. Not a Mafia with claws




What’s a village and what’s a wolf


Is this that monster Hunter world game I’ve been hearing about


i’m back and there is no escaping the RAW SETUPAGE that is about to come screaming straight into all your orifices. :^)

are you ready?




it’s time for somethng exceptionally simple:


1 Village Seer (w/ N0)
1 Odd-Night Village Seer (w/0 N0)
14 Vanillagers

5 Vanilla Wolves

How could we make something so basic appeal to 21p and run quickly in a fun way? that’s the question I want to ask right here right now



that actually doesn’t look really fun tbh


then what’s the threshold before SeerX games become unfun?


It’s probably when they become too much

21 is way too many players for the game to become enjoyable, 16 is probably more reasonable granted I don’t know how to balance those setups

But anything above 16 would look extremely unfun For anyone who was a citizen.


soooo essentially Seer13 and Seer9 are the only good Seer-only setups?


Yeah 21 is just way too many tbh


I seer how it is.

You just don’t like big seer only games :sob: :sob:


It’s like people don’t want the game to last forever and that’s the problem the more players the longer the game and that’s why rolemadness is the only “fun” game with that many players


right, next up for discussion:


Village Watcher
Vanilla Villager
Vanilla Villager
Vanilla Villager
Vanilla Villager
Vanilla Villager
Vanilla Villager

Wolf Watcher
Vanilla Wolf

Mafia Watcher
Mafia Goon

The first 2 Villagers to die at night instead live.


Is that multiball?


or ITAs are introduced and the common mechanic makes Vanillagers feel sufficiently engaged that they don’t care that they’re vanilla


Change some vanilla villagers to vanilla citizens and we’ll call it a deal.


That’s the only way to make it fun imo


it is Multiball, yes. Multiple balls are used in this setup