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Open Setup Discussion Thread


Okay, so you know I love FM/FW blah blah blah. Let’s talk about Competetive open setups for a bit, in this thread. I’d like this thread to be active, so be sure to put any setups you want in here to be closely examined.

Notes: competetive setups only, so expect vanillagers, low levels of power, etc.

Let’s start off with one I ripped straight from MU once again:


Village Vigilante
Village Angel
Village Heartaching Mason
Village Heartaching Mason
Vanilla Villager
Vanilla Villager
Vanilla Villager
Vanilla Villager
Vanilla Villager
Vanilla Villager
Vanilla Villager
Vanilla Villager
Vanilla Villager

2-shot Wolf Role Seer
Wolf Roleblocker
Wolf Heartbreaker
Wolf Goon

  • Vigilante is guiltless and inifnite shot.
  • Angel only blocks one kill and cannot target the same player twice in a row. They cannot save people who commit suicide.
  • ‘Heartaching’ means that if the Masons claim they are transformed into Lovers who commit suicide immediately if the other diies. It’s up to the mod’s discretion what constitutes a claim in this case but it shoulld be pretty clear what does.
  • Heartbreaker targets a player each night, if the heartbreaker dies by any means their most recent target immediately commits suicide.

Thoughts on this? i have a few of my own but I want you guys’s take on this first.


This seems iffy at best. There are so many ways for someone for someone to figure out that someone else is a mason and most of them can be done on purpose by the masons. If you are going to have this sort of rule then just make them lovers from the start


that kinda adds a lot of swing however; imagine an n1 kill by the wolves hitting the lovers at complete random vs. them hitting a vt


Make it based on a trigger besides a psudo post restriction?


main thing really is to stop the Masons from just claiming to get village 4 lock clears in 7p LyLo


Everyone but masons claim

Huh wonder what they are


like yeah the wolves deserve to lose if they get to that point without killing a single PR but Mason clams have to be heavily discouraged otherwise the setup sorta breaks


Or better yet. Everyone but the masons claim villager. That way you don’t out the PRs


Why do you keep calling Villager/Wolf in Forum MAFIA? :eyes:

Also Hearthbreaker works simmilar to Suicide Bomber am I right?


That’s actually perfect


It’s hard to argue that ignoring someones request is a claim.


that’d be counted as a claim if the Masons are in on it


But they didn’t claim villager?


You can’t claim if you don’t talk.


i would consider that a claim for the setup’s purposes because it’'s against the point of the fucking setup


I know but it’s really hard to know if they did it on purpose or not.

It’s like asking masons to claim mafia THEY CLAIMED MAFIA HOW ARE THEYCLAIMING MASON


The point is that there are so many stretch cases. There is a reason why these kinds of post restrictions are never used


the alternative trigger could be giving wolves a factional guess as to who the masons are that loverises them that can be used at any time


Or better yet. Both masons CC the same PR and both say that they are sure the other is telling the truth


Much better