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One more turbo wich didn't fill


Turbo hosted by @eevee.

With roles.

You know the rules in my game - don’t trust anything, especialy host.
This is game is NON bastard, I got enough other ways to screw up players.


  1. Firekitten
  2. Maximus Prime
  3. Astand
  4. Meteoro




:smile: Turbo is too stressful for me.




No way I’m handling any spectators.

Turbo is too stressful for me to add spectators to it :’)


3 more days

/in btw




@Solic join.

My games are usualy teaching a lot if you analyse them.




Nah, I can’t, don’t have the time on my hands at the moment. Thanks for the invite though.


You can ping people to join and stuff.


I mean, I can wait. I am aware it’s quite early in USA and it’s work day, so… waiting till people return from school/work makes sense.




Last bump, afterwards I will just close it.


Seems Legit


Well, I knew it’s bad idea to do turbo at middle of week, so gonna cancel it cause of lack of players.



Can I join


Me too


3 hours too late and it still would be 6 players when I needed 7.

Oh well.