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Once Upon a time…


Each person may type up to 3 sentences in chat. No writing posts together in the same 10 posts. Continue the story from the previous post.
I’ll start:
Once upon a time there were a pair of twins. One was a boy, who was very smart, but cold as iron, personality wise. His twin was a girl named Mara, and she felt others pain as though it was her own.
Won’t Steal ideas and rewrite stories under my name


One day the boy went off into an abandoned house that was rumored to be haunted. Mara waited outside for hours and hours but the boy never came out despite normally being very punctual. Worried for his safety Mara ran in afterwards to try and see what happened.


Once there was an ugly barnacle.
He was so ugly that everyone died.
The end.




“Ahem” the burrito said, motioning to his subordinate in anger. For thousands of years they had planned this most evil plan to nuke New York, releasing the Flying Spaghetti monster from the Earth to hopefully rule over all creation once again. He scoffed at the very concept of the story ending, as he had lived for millenia just to have a chance at restoring the earth back to whence it started.