On how to make a good Neutral Class

Like any other class a Neutral needs to serve a purpose. In general the purpose of a Neutral is to make there more than 1 reason for someone to want to trick you. That leads to classes such as Scorned and Fool. However then there comes other purposes such as adding non-hostile wincons that make it so you can know someone’s class but still not know if they are trustworthy. That leads to classes such as Alchemist and Mercenary.

One thing to understand about Neutrals is to explain something that they are not. They are not the Neutral Killer. Confused?

Unlike all other Neutrals the NK stands in the way of a win for BD or Unseen. That and there is no wiggleroom in what counts as a win. WIthout that ambiguity you lose the 2nd aspect of the neuts and what you are left with (the basic “eliminate all other factions”) makes the NK closer to the Informed Minority than a Survivor or Scorned. When you are designing a Neutral you should never make an NK. That means that they need to be able to win with at least 2 of the factions (Unseen/Cult, BD and NK) in order to work.

Beyond neutrals in general any given Neutral can serve it’s own purpose. For example the Fool makes vote for class and process of elimination less effective while Scorned makes it far easier to defend yourself from an accusation as scum. The best Neutrals have a clear purpose such as this one.

A good purpose is usually a psychological one that has to do with the POSSIBILITY of the class rather than an interaction with the class itself. For example the Alchemist and Mercenary gives a reason to not execute all Neuts you find as they can be more helpful than some BD. And the Scorned makes accuser that much more suspicious in the early game where other scum accusing isn’t worth it. This is why the Inquisitor is relatively bland. He has one purpose: Keep the Sorcerer in check. His interaction isn’t that interesting for anyone besides himself and the Sorcerer so no one cares about his existence making the class irrelevant.

This is why Visitor Winconditions and other winconditions that don’t inherently harm another faction tend to be boring.

The next thing is to make your wincondition as simple as possible. You should be able to describe it in a single sentence. “Survive” “Lynch player X or Y” “Same as X” “Become king” You get the idea. The more you can accomplish the goal of the classes existence through emergent propriety’s rather than complex win conditions the better.

For example take the Survival wincondition. It has the straightforward part of making you want to play nice with everyone at the same time, however it also has the emergent property of creating a feedback loop. The less day’s pass the less likely you are to die. Therefor a class with this win-condition speeds up the game.

Finally, you have the ability’s. Yes up to this point you shouldn’t have decided on a single power. Think about what the class is trying to accomplish. The ability’s should first of all be directly tied to either the wincondition or one of its emergent property’s.


Stoneskin - Survive (direct)

Heal - Play nice (emergent)
Kill - Speeds up game (emergent)

That doesn’t mean that the ability has to further your goals. Negative utility’s can exist.

Poor Fellow - Getting lynched (direct)

^^^ That is a perfectly valid justification for having the ability in the game. However while the ability doesn’t need to help you it does need to be directly tied to the win condition.

Take a faction check on Scorned for example. What purpose would that serve? It would probably help, however it wouldn’t necessarily get people lynched (it could even stop it if you confirm someone that was going to be lynched). And it only gives the Unseen more reason to kill you. It would probably still be a buff but it doesn’t have to do with the wincondition like a heal or kill does.


1: Wincondition needs to serve a greater purpose
2: Wincondition needs to not make it another faction
3: Simple winconditions are better. Use emergent property’s to get complex interaction
4: A psychological effect is better than a mechanical one
5: Ability’s need to serve the Wincondition


The Godfather
Neutral Social
Adopt (Day 1) - Choose a player to win with.

“Greater Purpose”: The entire lobby will claim alch D1 to get adopted until d1 alch claims become meaningless and even real alchs stop claiming d1.

The Monk
Neutral Social
Holy (Passive) - Begin with 2 blessing.
Death immune while you have at least 1 blessing, but suicide otherwise.
Meditation (Passive) - Gain +1 blessing every day you are not put on trial.
-1 blessing every time you are put on trial.
Retreat (Night) - Seek solitude alone or at someone else’s place.
+1 blessing if nobody visits your target.
-1 blessing per visitor otherwise.
Visitors are death immune, social, and non-suspicious while visiting.
Goal: Gain 6 blessing.

“Greater Purpose”: Finally a neutral that won’t out D1.

The Doppelganger
Neutral Social
Mark (Day) - Mark a player.
Swap (Night) - Swap yourself with your mark.
Goal: Get your target killed at night by swapping them with yourself.

“Greater Purpose”: Suddenly Tornado doesn’t confirm CWs.

We already have those.

Also this class could totally out D1.

Scorned and Fool don’t out D1 true but all the other neuts do

Pretty sure a d1 monk would be killed n1 by people seeking benefits

Inq should not keep the game going btw, all this does is encourage inq outing

SS and inquisitor too.

Technically the NK’s if you count them (I don’t)

Only the alch merc and pretender actually out D1 with any success

inquisitor outs d1 every game

sellsword outing d1 is a legitimate strat that is seen occasionally bc nobody knows if it’s fool

Never seen an inquisitor out D1.

I’ve seen him out. Just not D1, they usually get jailed first or something.

SS… I’ve seen it and he quickly just dies without accomplishing as much as he could have otherwise.

Sometimes even confirming a Knight thus being negative utility for scum.

you have not played ToL in the past couple weeks if you have never seen inq out d1

I’ve played a few games last week. Admittedly not as much as I have before, but still.

Also when the inquisitor rework was initially a thing I was still playing a ton.

well every other inq game now he outs d1 and says he wont kill then the heathens let themselves get exed at game end so he can win

new NK strat lol

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thing is he identifies all the heathens so NK can’t fake it

even the heathens out d1

Got it. So you are saying I should out as a heathen when I’m actually a Fool in a complex gambit to get the inquisitor Killed so that they kill me in retaliation.

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i guess its worth a try

I’ve made weirder work

Ok here is the plan. After the heathens out, just kill everyone BUT them (as cultseen/NK) and then the inquisitor will have to make the BD lose in order to win.

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“Win conditions and/or abilities need to be double edged”?
Such as how Alch and Merc can help or annoy towards all factions in the game

Not necessarily.

Scumsided neuts exist and are valid.

Yep, but those who can be anything they want feel like excelence.