...Okay, Where is This?


Magnus the Son @magnus

Magnus’ mother married again. After his stepfather was bribed with barbeque, Magnus was forced to go on a camping trip with his cousin and his stepbrother. Magnus could use American Sign Language.

Shuri the Cousin @shurian

Shuri is the only child in his family. As his mother went on a business trip to Paris, his father took him camping with his stepcousin and his cousin. Shuri was very handsome.

Kai the Stepbrother @Kai_5

Kai’s father married again. After his father was bribed with barbeque, Kai was forced to go on a camping trip with his stepbrother and stepcousin. Kai had the magic lamp that started all of this trouble.

The room had four walls. The room was a square. The room was 10x10 meters wide.

The room had one door. The room had one window. The room had one chair. The room had one table. The room had an empty glass. The room had a tap.

The door was located on the South wall. The window was located on the East wall. The tap was located on the West wall.

The glass was located near the North wall. The table was located at the Centre. The chair was located against the West wall.

…okay, where is this?


Magnus tried the door, pushing down on the doorknob and opening it outwards.

Too late bungo

“Hold on… where are we?”

Wait, we had to sign up for this ahead of time somehow? OH COME ON
But in case Shuri’s wrong and we DIDN’T have to preemptively sign up: /in


The door opens. Cold air blows in.

“Drink some water.”

A voice says, as if in answer of Shuri’s question.


too late

(Or control between Shuri, Magnus, and Kai if they give you permission)

/put the chair next to the table

Magnus stepped back, leaving the door open. “Odd,” He said.

Agh sorry guys.

I’m burnt.



Suddenly a man came bursting through the front door.
“Howdy! Y’all in Texas!”
The man grabbed a chainsaw and killed everyone in the room.


Then a lad charged in and ran through the wall, offering an apology to the wall god while charging through.
let’s hijack this, boys

@Kai_5 please wish us to safety!

Also Dama in all seriousness hope you feel better

I’m out of creative juicee

It’s like going on an electric bicycle. I had juice so everything’s smooth. Now the fuel is out and writing becomes a chore

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I feel the same sometimes.