...Okay, Where is This? [Interest Check]

You, your stepbrother, and your cousin went on a camping trip. This trip was not your idea. Nor your stepbrother’s or cousin’s. It was your uncle’s idea. Despite how you, your stepbrother, your cousin, and your father consensus that camping was horrible and boring, you went anyway.

The reason: your father got bribed with barbeque steak.

Now on the muddy camping field, your stepbrother found a lamp. A djinn floated out of it. His wish?

“I wish we are out of this stupid trip.”

…well, it was a nice wish while it last.

A wish went wrong and now trying to fix it. Pretty simple. It’s going to be a pretty short plot.

I’m looking for 2-3 players: The cousin, you, and the stepbrother. The stepbrother is optional and if no one is interested, I will take it.

Obviously, this is a part of …Okay escape room, but this one has more of a roleplaying element. Put /Join if you are interested.

  1. Dama
  2. Shurian

how long will this take and does it start soon?

Planning to start on Friday evening my time. Friday morning in UTC-7 I think. It doesn’t require instantaneous response though.

Depending on how quick the players grasp the logic behind the room, one to seven days.

Drink window immediately


You have angered the God of Window.

You have died.


open door politely

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Okay I’m saving that for the RP : p

Anyhoo gonna edit the OP a bit

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/wanks slot

dama rp esketit