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Okay can someone please tell me how to use Gossip?


Cool. Good to know that it’s a good ability. I guess I’ve just been unlucky as fuck


What happened?


It is useful like 5% of the time you’re not wrong.


Most of noble’s utility comes from forcing votes especially now that mastermind makes whispering barely a thing


to be fair that was a big part of his kit in the first place.


This is more of a personal story but I once confirmed a phys claim because a mm forsighted him and it said his converted class type is offensive that confirmation actually won us the game


Thanks, that’s a good example


Get on important claims like prince and king to see what classes are in Game and to confirm players gossips can find framed players, it can be the difference between a misslynch, also confirming players and there results is very powerful.

Don’t just use it on random targets maid Spy should be worked with gossip if players are claiming to protect others or king tells someone to check someone you can use it to confirm or deconfirm that said player.


Gossip is a nice utlity skill, I like it. You can catch conversions or death immune people pretty easily.