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Okay can someone please tell me how to use Gossip?


As Noble, I use gossip, and every single time, LITERALLY, every single time, it comes back as “No Feedback”

Am I doing something wrong. I think there needs to be a rework for this ability or Noble in general.


Use it on someone you think will be visited.


I acutally LOVE playing noble. Just gossip seems so useless


You know that if you get “no feedback”, that is still useful information? You now know noone has visited this person and obtained feedback.


I guess so. No feedback as useful… nice


Not everything is going to be so cut and dry as This player is a member of the unseen! You have your other abilities to make up for that.


What alternative do you propose?


I miss the Noble crier. Day one cries LUL. But really, maybe an infinite use of Little Birds (night ability.) Maybe a reverse Gossip, like see what the player does at night, but that’s too much like Observer (which I have seen once in like 8 games). Maybe instead of Follow (who targets who) it would be what the target player did that night, ie. “you attacked 13” “you healed 6”



that’s literally too op


I hate gossip


Also gossip can out liars
Confirm people

It’s underrated


I’ve never had gossip be useful once


I hate overpowered and overused abilties


That’s a you problem

Cause it has been useful


You aren’t using gossip right if you aren’t confirming people/catching liars


Which bring me back to my OG question. How do you use gossip? I’ve tried and I get so tilted because I never get any use out of it. PLEASE explain to me


Don’t claim noble yet


You confirm that player as sheriff without outting


Hey physician don’t forgot to be on prince


Thanks. I’ll give it a shot


Yeah, Gossip is actually great.

Alternative use if you’re feeling risky: Use it on scumreads to see if they’re lying about certain things, such as I’ve used it to out people who claimed they were healed from bleeding/claimed not to be occupied/redirected when they were