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[OG RP] Clash Online {Rewinding to New Thread}


Youko lets out a chuckle, imagining himsekf and his sword bathed in blood. He then goes for a triangle slash to another boar


Finch hits for 5 once more - killing the boar.
The boar drops 10+2 EXP for the party, as well as 20 SC and 1 Boar Meat.




(meanwhile ruri sobs in the distance lel)


(what do i do now lol)


“YES LEVEL TEN! I…I think I’m the first in the game to!”


“One more oughta do it for me!”

Finch sizes up another boar, and attacks it with a few slashes, sort of dancing around it in an attempt to decrease his chances of getting hit.


(I’m feeling ignored. :frowning:)


( @Whammerist COUGH )


Oh. Yeah… Those who have completed the quest already will not receive the rewards again. However you can help others to complete it.


(You’re the first among the participants here ohohoho.)


So how can I get my 100 exp what I didn’t get for late come


(Jack’s just staring at you as you sleep uhh I meam watching over you yes.)

(That 100 exp is gone… plus the original reward was 200 exp and you happened to participate in the bear battle so its okay)


Hello there. You deal 8 Damage to the boar. It charges at you for 2 damage. You whack the boar for 6 Damage… Killing it.


Madoka keeps doing it until she gets Level Up


(Are you proud shuri :slight_smile: )


(do we still get exp from combat if repeating a quest?)


HUGE COUGH ( @Whammerist @Shurian


Youko heads to next Town, seeing if he can get in


(Specify which town. Town I or Town II?)