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[OG RP] Clash Online {Rewinding to New Thread}


(ill yeet it anyway)

Arbus logs in. He observes his surroundings, then his weapon
A: Huh, pretty neat.
He looks around.


Finch smiles as his hits finally register and the boar goes down. He approaches another and starts to deftly slice at it.


Arbus finds the Starter Shop.

A: Aha! Is this where my journey begins?


(Great, now my character sheet’s gonna be fucked up)




(I feel some people that are part of the party gained XP separately such as Insanity)


(The party got disbanded due to the quest I think)


(Hence why I’m still but lvl 2)


(So Whamm is co-host now? Neat.)


Youko strikes 4 boars. He deals 16 damage to Boar 1, 16 to Boar 2, 16 to Boar 3, and 15 to Boar 4.
Boar 4 survives, hitting Youko for 4 damaged - but the boar is quickly finished off.
The boars drop 44+9 EXP for the party, as well as 80 SC.

Finch strikes a boar, dealing 5 damage.
The boar strikes back, dealing 3 damage to Finch.

(Correct. You’ve leveled up - gaining 3 stat points per level. Try and tally the levels yourself using the EXP you gained, and if you need help just HMU in Discord.)


(Total exp gained is 75 so far correct?)


Madoka is casting another magic missile toward Boar and tries hit with Staff from above afterwards




(Fuck I’m one off)


(So… am I still part of a party since we grouped up at the start before the quest?)


(Who knows.)




Finch winces, and goes for a couple of swipes to the skull of the boar.


(Welp, rip Spade just sleeping in the Tavern)


Arbus takes some Shurian’s Anniversary Cakes - 2 servings.
Also, he takes some Small HP Potions- 5 servings
he finally takes some Small MP Potions - 5 servings

A: These look good, I guess.