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[OG RP] Clash Online {Rewinding to New Thread}


(Did you need to ask that :grimacing:)


(You don’t want to know)


No I want pls tell me


(This another person’s woman you’re talkin’ about here)


@Queen_Alfa what kinks do you have?


(Really dude?)


(I 'unno that’s a real creepy question to ask someone over the internet IMO)


I mean everyone says that she talks about her kinks but i don’t get it and no one tells me so why not ask her myself


(hjasik is actually a legit Memesky’s Alt. Change my mind.)


(It just… you don’t straight-up ask the kinks of someone you hardly know, you get me? It’s just not the right thing to do.)


(Look man, that’s personal stuff that does not need to be discussed on the forums)


I mean I can tell you mine if you want


(That’s not the point!)




(That’s not what we mean! Jeez, just don’t ask about such things unless if you know the person well enough)


(Seriously dude, remove your ping post and let’s just wait for Wham to redirect this game back on track with combat and schnizz)


Youko sends a party invite to Finch


(No! Somebody has to stay on Level 1. :rage:)


Finch accepts the party invite.

(Also hurhur I’m level 2 nerd)


(Don’t call me Nerd, Nerd!)