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[OG RP] Clash Online {Rewinding to New Thread}






(well before that youko killed them all hehehehe)


Finch is still teeing off on this Boar, hoping it will one day fall over and grant him EXP.


“Ugh, Finch you wanna party up so you could level up faster?”


“Hey, look at you issuing out party invites, that’s a turnaround from the last time. Leveling give you courage, eh?”

“Sure, I’ll take a party invite. It’d make this a hell of a lot easier.”


“Yeah! M-maybe I’ll m-make a g-guild soon…I-If we can d-do that! I’m p-pretty n-nervous when m-meeting new people!”


“Ah, don’t worry about that for now. I still need to get my levels up first before we think about expanding into a guild.”


( Also @Whammerist to confirm you are now co-host correct? You have the god power role on the discord so I assumed you may be)


(Correctamundo, I still need to read up on everything though)


(is it possible for you to run attacks on boars?)


(Just let me get homeeeee jfc)


(get used to being pestered whamm, mkay <3 )


(being with alfa has gotten me used to people being clingy :wink: )


( damn)


( >is tempted to ping alfa)


(Make Alfa a co-host and this RP will turn very kinky)


(Thats why we aren’t doing that)


(this is doin me a heckin concern rn)


What kinks does she have