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[OG RP] Clash Online {Rewinding to New Thread}


You’ll reach the boars soon enough when you finally cross the forest oho ho.


Are there monsters near me right now?


Madoka from above tries hit the boar before he will reach her


There are mushrooms and flowers.


Ok I attack nearby monster with my staff


The boar takes another 8 Damage.
You have defeated the boar.
You gain 10 EXP and 20 SC.


Madoka is looking around again to see if there is more Boars


Finch is still swinging away at this Boar. Not much else to say here.


Youko gets bored of he mushroom and flees, heading to plains to check if anybody is there


Finch is there, still swinging away.
“This… damn thing… is this game bugged again?”


“Hah! It’s been happening a lot to me as well. Hopefully the devs are working hard to fix it. Also in the next town i found a swordsman who can teach you skills, I’ve already got one skill!” Youko is very excited, and is smiling ear to ear


“Oh that’s excellent… wait, new town? Where did you all go to?”


“Yeah, its past the forest! I’m coming back here mainly to get some easy EXP, nearly level 10!”


“Easy XP, huh, well I can’t kill this boar for the life of me apparently.”

“…Wait, level TEN?!?”


“Yeah! What about it? Is Finchy WInchy getting jealouss” he says the last sentence with a joking tone.


“I’m just concerned that I’ve been given a buggy copy. You’re close to level TEN and the only enemy I’ve been able to hit is a Snail?”


“Hmpf. I wonder where other boars gone…”


“Well I did land a quest that gave me 450 EXP, I also singlehandly killed a bear and killed 10 boars in a relatively short time. Maybe I’m just getting lucky when the bugs stop”




(Noz Shop? :eyes:)