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[OG RP] Clash Online {Rewinding to New Thread}


Madoka took the Potions

“Thank you, very much. Have a nice day.”

She leaves Shop

“What now? I probably should head back to Plains if I want get any EXP.”

Madoka is getting back to Plains


(When Youko slaughtered all the boars)


Madoka look around Plains to see if there is any monsters nearby


Lotsa Snails.


(Gonna sleep)


“I guess it’s better than nothing.”

Madoka sneak upon closed Snail and tries smash their head with Staff before they notice


5 EXP+10SC for 8 damage(Critical). The snail is slain.



Madoka tries to do same thing with other Snails nearby

“I have to level up somehow.”


Slowly but surely, you repeat the same to 3 other snails. +15 EXP and +30SC.
Boars have respawned and a young child is by the forest trail.


Nenji walk out of the forest to the plain


Upon spotting a boar, Nenji immediately shoot two arrow at once to it


You shoot both boars down.
22 and 24 Damage. Both downed.
20 EXP+40SC.


Hja attacks boar with his staff


When did you skip from being in the town ii to to the plains?


Hja moves out of the town sees a boar and attacks it


You will travel to the plains… passing through the forest first.

You pass the mushrooms and flowers.


Then hja attacks boar with his staff


Madoka after seeing boar, cast fire magic toward them from safe distance


You attack the boar with a fireball, dealing 8 damage. It comes towards you.


What about staff