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[OG RP] Clash Online {Rewinding to New Thread}


It’s not dead.

You triple slash one mushroom, instantly killing it. You also get to fight against two other mushrooms. Who attack you for 2+2 Damage.


he simply slashes one and thrusts down on the other


*thrusts down his sword


She immediately shoot an arrow to the flower when she realised that it is not dead

“Well…that went well.”


he slashes the one he already hit then went to attack the other one that’s attacking him




Madoka left the Inn after seeing Spade is alright

“I wonder if Potion Shop is open…”

She is going to Potion Shop and surprisingly it’s open



(The moment when you realise your character is stuck on Level 3. :eyes:)


Actually all players can enter Town II for my sanity’s sake


(I want talk with Shopkeeper. REEE)


“Heya Lass! What do you need?”


“Oh, hello there. I just want take a look in your wares. I tried earlier but Shop was closed. Is it possible to buy Health and MP potions here?”


“Yes, you may!”
Please calculate your own spoils by ISOing mine and your posts.


Madoka gets some coins from pocket and puts on counter

“I would like to buy 3 Small HP Potions and 2 MP Potions.”

(According to my PM I have 140 Shuricoins. I didn’t get more in meantime.)


Go go.




(Did I buy or what? :eyes:)


(Yes lol)


(So there i don’t need accept transaction, alright…)


(Just add items to yer cs abd remivecmoney abd your good)