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[OG RP] Clash Online {Rewinding to New Thread}


Nenji arrives to Youko’s location and shoot an arrow to the bear

(if…that counts lol)


he aims for the killing blow by chopping off it’s head


You miss.

The bear’s head is cut off by Youko.

Youko gains 80 EXP and 160 SC.



She turns to Youko


“The dude said I could name it anything, so I guess I’ll call it Triangle Slash. Think that gives me a level up”


Nenji tries to seek out if there is another monster nearby around her


Youko examines the mushrooms, and sees how many they are ( @Shurian did Youko level up? )


(You have to gimme your EXP count cuz I cant count)


Not really anything… Oooh a flower.


(Killed 10 boars and the bear, adds up to 180 exp, was 108 off of level 9 I think)


Nenji attempts to pick up the flower and examine it

“If this summon any kind of boss then…”


The flower squeals.
There is a health bar. It still doesn’t seem to be hostile though.


Nenji rips the flower into half

“Sorry, but this is for the science!”


You don’t seem to be able to rip the flower in half though.
It starts glowing.


Youko tries to preform a Triangle Slash on one of the mushrooms


“Well, I know it might be performing some sort of attack, but lets see what this glowing do!”

She keeps the flower on her hand, however being vigilant if it tries to attack



She stuff the flower into one of the empty glass bottle and close the lid to prevent it from escaping


You stuffed the flower into the Glass Bottle!
It blows up the Glass bottle with a fireball.


Youko brings the point of his sword down on one of the mushrooms


“Knew it.”

“So the flower is actually a nuclear power plant?”

She check if the flower is still alive or not