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[OG RP] Clash Online {Rewinding to New Thread}


Nenji shoot 2 arrows at once to the first mushroom she find

“Well, take that!”


“Spade! You wanna! Ugh…I’ll go by myself” he heads out towards the path where he heard the roar, searching for what made it


You shoot two arrows, both spiralling in different directions, hitting the mushrooms nearby instead.

Dealing 17 and 22 Damage to each Mushrooms respectively.

One mushroom has perished.

However, two warning markers have shown up on the one you attacked and the one you terribly missed.

Mushroom Lvl 7 HP 7/24
Mushroom Lvl 5 HP 20/20



She retreat back to the town


You successfully escape… You gain 15 EXP and 30 SC.


Spade enters the Tavern and tries to find a seat to sleep on


(And why the heck a stack of 10 arrows is 100 SC ;-; )


You find a seat near the two golden members, and you sit down hoping to settle down.
You feel a gaze on you as you sleep.

(Buahahahaha. Mistake. 50 actually.)


You find the bear… In the forest.


he goes deeper into the forest, hoping to find some monsters




You also see various mushrooms and flowers.


She checked out the shop again and purchased 1 stack of 10 arrows + 3 Small HP pot for 80 SC

“Hmm…this might be enough.”


he waits, trying to figure out its HP


44 HP. Lvl 10.

It has noticed you, a yellow marker on its head, but does not take action.


he smirks, leaving his sword undrawn, and paces towards it slowly, as not to provoke it further


It is not wise.
The yellow marker slowly turns orange as you approach it.


Nenji immediately walks out the Town and follow Youko’s track in the forest


he draws his sword, and attempts to slash it thrice in a triangle, hoping to activate his new skill


You slash it three times with Triple Slash, Dealing 17+17+17-9 (42)Damage.

The bear is enraged, and as you are in its range, It deals 10+5 x 2 (30)Damage to you.