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[OG RP] Clash Online {Rewinding to New Thread}


“Well I’ve mainly taken on 3 boars at once, I-I slash them fast enough to prevent them from getting good hits on me at least”


Spade looks around the inside of the inn “Hello? Anybody home?”


“Not bad for a non-beta tester. Keep going this way, and register your actions into the skills, and see if the system reacts to it. You get to choose the name of the skill as well, so do have fun with it.”


“T-Thanks! D-do you want money or anything for this?”


You see a frantic lady serving many players. A prominent Lancer player is also helping the lady.


She walks over to the lady trying to go through the crowd of people “Excuse me, miss?”


“I’m a developer. Don’t need anything. Just play the game and it’ll be good enough.”
“What? No! Us dev-”

Squish, Dieg covers Umu’s mouth, silencing her.
Angery Umu noises comes out, but all is muffled. Too real for a VR game.

“We still have to prepare for the event. Please excuse this hyperactive fool.”


“Oh, my! How may I help you?”
An option to rent a room for 200 SC has appeared on your screen.


Nenji walks into the INN, and walk up to Jack

“Uhm, so…who are you?”


“Ok! Thanks a lot!” he heads to the store, looking at its contents and settles in getting the adventurer’s sword


You do not find Jack, as she is not there. You find the Lancer however.

“A lot of people want to see Jack, she’s in the tavern over there.” He says. “I’m Diamurd!”


Lvl 14
PVP Rank: Fighter
HP 96/96
MP 112/112
STR 18
DEX 28
Firing Shot: Bolg - ???


She stumbles and almost trips on herself when she notices the oddly high price “O-Oh it’s nothing! Just feeling a little faint is all! I-It’s not from the price of course!”


She turns to Lancer
“Sorry, but did you know where could I learn some skill?”


he confirms the purchase and equips the new sword


“Skills? Oh those you learn yourself. Certain Actions may be worthy of becoming a skill… you’re an archer… so maybe firing two arrows at once could help.”


“I-Is there a cheaper option to rest?”


he heads back to the inn, looking for Spade


“I’m sorry, but as of now there are no other ways to rest. Though, you can sit down by the tavern and relax there as well. You see… it’s a little… crowded.”

The lady smiles apologetically.


“I see, thanks for the tip.”

She walks out the INN and back to the forest


“Okay… I’ll just waltz over there then.” Spade tries to push through the crowd again with less energy she had before as she heads out of the Inn and into the Tavern