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[OG RP] Clash Online {Rewinding to New Thread}


Clash Online’s Youtube Channel is currently streaming live.

You see a young woman in her 20s, waving at you from the video.

“Heya! I’m Liz Einzbern, “Shurian” here as we are about to launch our game, you can see our team being very excited for the launch of the game, oy! C’mon C’mon make sure everything is ready! Man, it’s exhilarating I tell you! Years of hard work poured in here, come on guys, look here!” She turns the camera to the many people in a huge office, with several code screens on the computers.

“Yeah man, we’re very excited about this, it’s time to show what we have after 7 years.” A bespectacled man said, putting his slipping glasses back snugly onto his nose.
“JESUS CHRIST ITS GOING LIVE, WOOO!” Another employee shouted, and was followed by other shouts of excitement.

The camera returns to Liz, who makes a brilliant smile.
“Yeah, they’re a bunch’o madmen, but even I can’t hide my excitement, I’m so pumped! In another 11 minutes, we will launch and start-up the servers for public access. Umu, we’re taking VR to a whole new level!”

A small little 10 minutes counter appears in the video.
“In the meantime, let us replay what we’ve gone through. We hope you enjoy this little montage.”

The video shows the original concept art, along with early impressions during the first year, with blocks for places and scenarios. They also show the conception team going through the VR personally to ensure their consciousness isn’t transferred over machines.

Year 2, the collaboration with various Ministries of Health around the world started. Doctors came by to give suggestions and psychologists often performed experiments on the game. The 3D Concept of VR was made possible with the contributions of various doctors around the world.

Year 3, the first person in the team to move around in the VR world successfully was… Umu, me! Look at that young me, a teenager haha! And that was our major breakthrough to creating AI that freely moved around in the world! It wasn’t easy, at first, the AI looked like robots and gave robotic, monotonous answers. “Who are you?” We asked it, it said “I am (name)”. It wasn’t easy to give each and every NPC a humane complexion, with believable personalities and speech mannerism.

Year 4, Our dear beloved poster girl, Jack! Was born, our very first successful NPC! Well, I won’t post her personality in here, but she’s part of our everything we put in, and boy does she look good. People complained about her small stature, but she is indeed old enough to retort snarkly at anyone! We call her Snarky. Haha! The scenarios we all know now grew from this point onwards, See those buildings? Those buildings are modelled after our imagined city, Camelot! Medieval and cool, huh?

Look at Jack! Her portrait done by one of our artists with great care and love! Role: Assassin

Year 5, We had our artists take a trip to natural lands, free from spoils of mankind to picture the ruins. We have made a pretty broken wasteland… and more. Umu, you will be surprised.

The starter forest shows up on the screen, showing the realism of it, in Year 6. You can see our whole team being immersed in this land, grabbing the leaves as if they were real! Regeneration of the map was difficult to do, as to prevent repeated picking of the stuff by the same people. What was this? The alpha testing phase known to only internal staff at VR Studios!

Then came the beta testing phase, we had many changes here, it was frantic. People came in and started breaking things here and there, we had our minds full, literally! Squashing a bug in VR was ten times more harder than a regular game, and I’m glad we managed to squash all the ones we could find! Thank you beta testers!

And we’re here now, our seventh year. This is our time to shine! All the things have been weedled out! We’ll get to the best part!

2 Minutes remain.

“Get ready your headsets, we hope to see you in the world of Clash Online, HEY, IS EVERYTHING READY TO BE SWITCHED? Yeah? Good!”


Upon Game Start, those logging in will be spawned at the Starter Town I upon creating their character.

Starter Town I: Town with the Starter Shop, with nothing else. Pass through the Mistral Plains to get to Town II. Where more amenities await.


“Oh baby, it;'s green light!”
The countdown has reached 0.

A plethora of green lights lights up the screens in the video, and the originally fired up people became silent, doing their jobs.
But it wasn’t long before…

“It’s a big GO!” A voice yelled from across the room. The whole room erupted into cheers and laughter.

“Guys, enjoy the game. Our blood and tears are in there. I hope you enjoy them.”

Clash Online has officially booted up their servers. All players are now allowed to access the game from their headgear.

Players will see a desolate empty town of only one person manning the shop. A safety area. [Server: Avalanche].


How do I do this


This is a roleplay, so do make sure you do stuff in third person. This post is not canon in the RP Thread.

Basically you’re a person, watching your character do stuff in this world. And then, you describe what your character does to others of this site, so they can respond accordingly.


“Rama! Rama! You got a while?” Jack asks the hooded man in green.

Then… the other person goes in and posts…

Rama turns to shush Jack up, putting his index finger to her lips. “Shush! I’m trying to stay hidden here!” He worriedly says.

And things go on… But there are several things you can do at this point of time.

  • Buy stuff from the starter shop (You won’t be able to get them anymore at those prices afterwards!)
  • Decide on your playstyle. You have many ways to battle in this RP, and there are different ways of calculating damage and different styles you can use.
  • Wait for others to come on to RP with you. Really, where is everyone?


Spade logs in with her beginner’s gear. As she enters, she starts jumping up and down in excitement “I can’t believe it! I finally get to escape the hardships of boring life! I feel so happy that I’m going to explode!”


@PoisonedSquid @Kai_5 @Insanity @Livicus @Twil1ight


You and any starter in the world you are in will start off by seeing a little desolate place, of a little shop inside the safety area. Current Locations are stated in the Discord.


Madoka logs in. After she entered, she looks at her staff
Uhuh. It’s looks more simpler than i thought it would be.
After examinations her staff, she look over the Town


It’s a small little town, of… one shop?

Plains can be seen in the distance, outside of the safety area.

And that one shop… has someone…?


Nenji log in. After log in, she immediately inspect her bow
“Well. Looks pretty nice.”


It takes her a few minute to calm down and notice the near emptiness of the Town. Her joy slightly lessens “Well, I guess it would be unfair to start in a giant city. I should check out that shop over there.” Spade starts skipping along to the shop


Hja logs in he looks around and seems very impressed but doesnt say anything


I guess it won’t be a problem to see what is in shop.
She shrugs and starts walk toward the nearest Shop


“Umu… Finally some time to relax…”
The shopkeeper stretches out, before realising the new batch of people.
“Umu! Welcome to Clash Online!”

It’s the lady you’ve seen in various advertisements, Shurian.
“How may I help you?”

Shop Items are found in [Character Sheet] Clash Online. {E,C,D} Main Post.


Hja moves into the shop and buys: 3 glass bottle, 3 HP potion, 3 MP potion


Madoka scratches her hair

Why there is Empty Bottle in shop?


Before talking to the shopkeeper, Spade looks at her staff and twirls it around " Heya Shuri, it’s an honor to see a lovely lady like you here. If only you have modifications for long sticks such as this one."


She turns to Madoka

“Maybe we could refill the potion at somewhere else?”


Looks at Nenji

I guess that make sense. I wonder if we can learn Alchemy later.