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Right but is the converse true

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I Volunteer!




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I’m probably going to make the restrictions on games more logical.

Only one 16+ player FM can be run at any time?

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New addition:

Only one FM game with 16+ players may be running at any time. This does not include FoLs or SFoLs

Moreover, there may be no more than 3 small FMs going on at any time (14 or less)

This refers to all categories of FM.

There will be exceptions to this rule at times, but it is going to be a general rule of thumb
(ex I will probably allow two 16 player games to go on at one time if one is already deep in progress)

Time to do some 15ers.


That did used to be standard

Yeah for like a month until I was like “uh do 16 it’s better” and they was all like “u rite”

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Btw what’s the reasoning behind that?

First off, to my knowledge 15 was chosen only because other games (ToS) had 15 players.

As for why? It’s a daystart game without a day 1 lynch, and an even number of players in a lynchless daystart is generally preferred (mathematically this leads to the least ties).

Additionally, the higher lethality of Neutral roles in particular means that the extra player can help absorb some of the kills and stop the game from being over significantly faster.

Lastly, 15 plus the King is a good setup, as there’s the usual 15 people with anything but also the extra King. Helps differentiate ToL from the competition without being overwhelming.

Definitely a positive change for the game.

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My plans have been foiled

@Firekitten is now a reviewer as well. Congratulations!


So what you mean is I’m about to get a lot more questions from him

Great :roll_eyes:


Questions! I love those!

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this happened at the exact same time I went onto nao thread and posted oh my god as I realized how broken it was


Welcome cat


Now you can be official about it.