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And now we’re split on my personal favorite category





I’m figuring out a solution that works there.
Smalltown would go in VFM though.


It’s not Vanilla though


My brain did a derp and forgot Vanilla wasn’t equivalent to Normal


Unfortunately all those games exist in SFM hell until I come up with a better solution


Actually I can probably make PFM a thing
Premier FM.

That would take the space of smalltown and balanced custom games.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Reviewing games are meant to review for balance as well


Wait I remember I’m hosting community mafia nvm



That one’s for fun

Solid SFM



Added PFM


I never liked Premier either bleh


It’s mostly just renamed CFM : P


Like what’s wrong with continuing the general CFM category instead of the one that is supposed to be for highly-tuned unique experiences


It has a lot of similarities with VFM
That was my problem with figuring out how the reviewing process for one would flow


Ah screw it just making it CFM
I see the lines

Misread your point about CFM earlier not being vanilla


VFM is less review because it’s all vanilla and therefore only really needs a playercount per faction check

CFM is not vanilla and needs a deeper check, plus the reveiwer probably can’t play unless it’s open and just not vanilla



Lol ok ty


I’m going to probably try to hold apps for a Game Manager in the near future


Is that different from a reveiwer or what


Game Managers are reviewers

That’s how it works on other sites also iirc