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Official Hosting Guide


That’s why I want ppl be able to make new games freely


Without queue so that won’t happen


and guess what happens then.


Quality of games decrease dramatically


There will be many games and only best ones will happen


I’m too lazy to explain why that’s a bad idea


More games cause split activity, and lower overall game quality


No ppl will join same game if they want to play

Also it won’t lower quality it’s like someone wants to make a game but doesn’t because others can make game?


H_Hjaisk this was tried before, and yes some games didn’t fill however the quality of the ones that did were super awful


Why was it awful do ppl magically start making worse setup because someone else is allowed to host a game without queue


It’s not because of queue


It’s awful cause no one played the game they signed up to


Also yes, memesky once made me post sign ups for a setup he hasn’t even created and I did it but when I figured out he didn’t even had a setup I was rlly angry


You can make a quality check before allowing setup to be hosted but don’t prevent amount of them


Hjaisk we literally tried this before and I’m telling you it Doesn’t work


no one played the game they sign up to cause they joined every game


If they want to join all games they can go just to another site


So it won’t stop them from joining large quantity of games


They could but they won’t

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome


Why can’t you apply this to games hosted on forum?