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Official Hosting Guide


It was made necessary.


I know I’ve done such before, but I’ll write something up real quick

I literally take issue with all of these I think lol


Alright. Thank you!


Also are we operating under the assumption that hidden millers are slight bastard


Some places think it’s bastard some don’t


I mean

If I’m gonna rag on something

I’m damn sure gonna try and inprove it :laughing:


I will clarify that.

But yes.


I like that CFoL’s phase timer is always the same. It makes for competitive consistency across the board.


I think it doesn’t change much except let players have a wider variety of games (that they can actually play)


I’m not sure what you mean by this.


For example, x may not have a lot of time to play and therefore 72/24 fits his schedule while 48/24 he won’t have nearly enough time.


Why there isn’t option to have complete freedom


Because 10/14 happens then


No it won’t ppl just won’t join it if they don’t want that


H_Hjaisk no one will join it


Also, what about turbo fol?


Then it won’t happen and that won’t be a problem


H_Hjaisk what happens when you post a sign ups that you expect no one to join


It gets canned?


What happens to other games between the two weeks it takes to can?