Official Forum Mafia and Forum of Lies Rules

Rules For Forum Mafia and Forum of Lies

The following are the rules to abide by when playing games in this forum category. Every host should link to this thread in their OP to prevent any dubious cases.

  1. Be respectful.

Don’t consistently harass or insult players, this ruins the friendly environment of the forums and often ruins games. Everyone makes mistakes!

  1. Remember, the point of the game is to have fun. Don’t ruin another player’s fun, and if you’re not having fun notify the host so they can try and find a solution.

We strive to create a supportive and entertaining forum game environment for everyone, and there will be consequences for players who deliberately try to harm this environment.

  1. Do not angleshoot or cheat.

This includes using out of game (OOG) information including the ‘last online’ function of the forums, using host announcements/notifications to garner someone’s alignment and abusing loopholes in a hosts’ setup. It also entails playing within the spirit of the game, or how the host intended the game to be played. If you have reason to believe you know someone’s alignment via OOG information, inform the host and you will be replaced.

  1. Do not weaponise the host/moderators.

Do not tell hosts how to punish a player for their rulebreaking, as your stake in the game instantly gives you a bias. You may only point out potential rulebreaks impartially.

  1. Please speak only in English while playing Forum Games.

This is to make sure everyone can understand and does not feel left out. Even though translating tools exist, they are often inaccurate and meaning can be lost which might be the difference between whether someone scumreads a player or not.

  1. Do not speak in codes.

Again, this is unfair to players who are unable to solve your codes and often gives an unfair advantage to one side. Codewords for various actions are allowed (like communication with a mystic/neighbouriser) in order to hide your claim, but you are not allowed to put all your posts through a Caesar Cypher, for instance.

  1. Do not quote, screenshot or refer to your classcard. Unless the host specifies that this is allowed, this includes quoting or screenshotting any PMs or chats outside of the main thread. (ex. Neighborhoods, scumchat, deadchat).

This is considered cheating. Fake images and quotes will be treated as if they are real.

  1. Do not discuss ongoing games outside of host-sanctioned threads. This rule extends to non-players as well.

This is to stop cheating and any form of accidental reveal that may compromise a game’s integrity.
The only exception to this rule is if you must report rule-breaking behavior to a Forum Moderator as the host is unavailable.

  1. Do not gamethrow.

Do not purposely go against your win-condition or attempt to sabotage the game.

  1. Do not clog game threads with fluffposting.

A moderate amount is acceptable. However, if it becomes excessive, action may be taken.

  1. Do not slank.

If you can’t play the game, don’t sign up for it. Slanking is explicitly anti-win-condition, and therefore counts as gamethrowing,

  1. Do not strategically replace out.

This includes replacing out under pressure, replacing out due to being caught as scum etc. This will be punished harshly.

  1. Do not flake.

Replacing out when you roll a particular alignment is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent blacklist.

  1. Do not use big letters.

These are reserved for host and mod announcements.

  1. Do not edit or delete posts.

This is to maintain game integrity.

  1. Do not like or create posts in a game if you are dead or not in that game. Hosts should not be liking players posts either.

This is to maintain game integrity and prevent angleshooting.

  1. Do not twilight post and/or night post.

This is to ensure game integrity.

  1. Do not discuss the nature of replacements / modkills / punishments.

This leads to angleshooting/cheating.

  1. Do not use/develop AI programs in order to play games of mafia for you.

This is to ensure the game is fair, fun and to make sure the game is a competition between the ability of human players.

  1. Do not create an alt or share an account (hydra) unless given permission by a Moderator.

In order to create an alt/hydra account, you must submit an application to the game’s Alt Moderator (who can be found here), and have it be accepted.

  1. Do not discuss/speculate on whether or not a specific account is an alt of a given player, unless the host allows players to do so.

In most games, players are using alts in order to remain anonymous (and usually to avoid being metaread) - discussing the identify of an alt in one of these games defeats the purpose of them entirely.

  1. Do not tell other players your identity if you are using an alt and your game has not ended, unless the host allows you to do so. If the host requires you to clarify your identity to them, you must do so.

This is to ensure that certain players do not have an advantage over others by knowing who controls an alt account. This includes all gamethreads other than deadchat if no dead-interaction exists and scumchat.

  1. You may only use one account per game.

You may not spectate or replace in on more than one account for a single game. If you are playing the game on an alternate account, you may join the public list of back-ups or spectators on your main account with the host’s permission - but you will not be added to the chats.

  1. Game Relevant post minimum of 20 posts per cycle

Anti-slank measure on this site. If the host does not clarify a different post minimum, this is the standard that should be assumed. If you fail to meet this once, then you will receive a warning or be forcibly replaced. If you fail to meet this twice, you will be forcibly replaced.


Breaking any of these rules repeatedly will result in a temporary or permanent forum game blacklist depending on the severity/circumstances of the rule-break. Some offences will result in an instant permanent blacklist.

The blacklist thread is here:

Overall play the game fairly, and have fun!

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