Observer change


Blue Dragon Investigative

Day Ability: Stalk - Learn who your target tonight visits(3 uses)

Night Ability 1: Follow - Learn who visits target player (Unlimited)
Night Ability 2: Witness - Learn if target player attacks or converts someone tonight (2 use)

Note: Witness will just say if they did one of those 2 things, not which one they did. Mastermind will not be seen converting until N4 and tailors will always show as not attacking/converting unless empowered. Framed targets will appear as attacking

Also make the Princess’s wisp learn the faction of the target.

Why this over Follow and Watch

The whole reason why the change happened in the first place was because people would just end up always using one over the other the whole game. And I didn’t want to just suggest to revert it to a version that had already needed to be reworked in the first place.

Which one would they always use? :eyes:

Honestly I’m not entirely sure, probably stalk. But from what I can tell the AOE visit tracking aspect is superior to the targeted one mathematically.

Also this way we can have the day ability effect BOTH night ability’s instead of just one.

Literally my problem

Why is that not the limited day ability

I prefer if witness is the day ability and stalk is the night one

It’s between follow and stalk. Witness isn’t one of the day ability candidates.

Or at the very least, i dont thibk follow and stalk should both be usable for one night

Because I was trying to make the stronger one the night ability. I don’t insist on that so if a bunch of people thing it would better for stalk to be the night ability then that’s fine.

I do and I insist

oof you cant claim prevented


So i can use follow on the Prince and stalk a suspect at the same time. This doesnt seem too much like a nerf, you get what im saying?

You use stalk on your night target. It’s a modifier.

If you follow the prince then you can only stalk the prince.

I reworded it to be more clear

Oh ew I didn’t realize

Yeah hard no on this one pal

He misunderstands how that works.

Using the day ability is like having 3 uses of current follow and then the rest of the time you just have half of it.

Ah that makes sense

I think the choice between Follow and Watch is a good one

Both on one night is really strong and makes me feel bleh