Nugget Thread -



'Nugget loves pretty lily! Where is pretty lily?"

Here is your Pretty Lily.

“I want to hold pretty lily’s hand”

/Hold lily’s hand

How long until solid closes this?

I wasn’t actually expecting this to be kindergarten, but i’m still posting this.

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  • As soon as he wakes up.
  • He won’t see it.
  • Later.
  • Never.

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When will solic close this thread?

Solic can smell the threads. He’ll find it the moment he wakes.

I think he logs out just to see the threads made.

Or just sets watch to everything.

“Nugget smells Sulit” “We are in danger”


No one invoke his name with an @!

You mean @solic?

It has been done :eyes:

oh Solic! I offer hamburgers!

Why am I a nugget?

Kindergarten was my 1st thought