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[NSFM] Not Safe Forum Mafia [SIGNUPS]


I was helpiing my roommate move out, wasn’t expecting it to take so long :man_shrugging:


Anyways rolling classes now, game starting real soon™️


Classcards will be going out now. Do not post in this thread once you have received your card. A new thread will be made once all cards have gone out, and you may confirm that you have received your card there. Ask any and all questions you may have to me via DM.


All classcards have been sent. The game thread will be opened shortly.


The game will commence at the thread below:




oh right


@orangeandblack5 I’m gonna switch to a spectator slot


Are you sure? Spectators are unable to join if a slot opens up.


(But yeah, /backup. I’ll keep the alternate computer thing out from now on)


(actually I kinda want to cohost now
help me)




Yeah I’ve decided that I’d rather spectator

I doubt a spot will open open anyway and I’ll be sorta inactive on the 24th-27th


Fair enough, welcome aboard


I can confirm that Geyde is a spectator


No outing ‘private’ info :^)




Oh hey look who it is :smile:


are you sure?? @orangeandblack5


I didn’t get a classcard