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[NSFM] Not Safe Forum Mafia [SIGNUPS]


What was RM2 again and also I mean flavor-wise lol


Ritual Mafia 2

Where Blizer banged his head against a wall for allowing a newbie to pocket him


PTSD is still there

Trust issues as well


Hang on a second… I feel like perhaps I’ve heard of this tale elsewhere…




cough Ace Attorney cough


English plz


Wassup it’s ya boi Manfred Von Karma


He suffered so much head trauma he un-greyed his hair


Any resemblance between our prisoners and fictional characters is grounds for a successful lawsuit.

Or, it would be, assuming any of them were smart enough to even think of it




Oh yes, just what we needed - another illiterate prisoner.

Best/Worst Forum Quotes

And one who edits their posts, no less.


what does this mean

Best/Worst Forum Quotes

this is a joke right


The flavour is that clinically stupid people are together
prob a joke, kitto


no shit it’s a joke

now give me your hearts




did you really think that i wouldn’t know what “illiterate” means

b o i


I thought you didn’t understand that Orange joked