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[NSFM] Not Safe Forum Mafia - Prisoners Win


:crystal_ball: Don’t count on it




@orangeandblack5 since you are here has there been a faster game solve before since this game has been played else where

or is this a record


Probably been faster idk


Pretty sure I’ve seen perfect games and D1 correct scumteams




Ngl issac’s shit makes me want to kermit


Saltkitten is always so entertaining

Also you can’t win an argument against isaac cause in order to win, he must admit that he was wrong and there’s no way he’s going to do that :joy:


I learned from the master of salt himself :smiley:


Join the dark side. :eyes:


Just remembered I actually moderrored super hard


I accidentially hardconfirmed somebody as either scum or Town don’t remember which


I edited the post I had sent to @DatBird where he died at night when in reality he shouldn’t have, but the e-mail he got sent contained “You have been killed” so he knew


Luckily I made up some crap about it being black not red and therefore a joke and he never brought it up in-thread so integrity was not compromised


Tbh as soon as the card classes went out I noticed scum were classes without night abilities
Did you sort them and it was by chance or


I had no clue tbh


It was randed (?)