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[NSFM] Not Safe Forum Mafia - Prisoners Win



I thought you knew reaper was evil and was toying withme


no I clearly asked for proof


Then what’s this post isaac


you giving no info on why they are scum

asked a real question

then you do this


but your posts sounded like you knew but you didn’t want to do it


no thats not true you just assumed then


how would I know that reaper was evil


Because we were talking about it all yesterday and the way you said “reaper is captain” when I said to vote them and the way you said you don’t know 100% sounded like you were just toying withme


What’s the memeing post Isaac

Memeing means you are joking right? What were you joking about not voting reaper for.




If you were actually serious about wondering why they were scum you wouldn’t be memeing
You were memeing to annoy people

unless there’s another joke I couldn’t see? :thinking:


I have evolved to death tunnel outside of the game


at this point I was gonna sheep very hard and just vote reaper

me being retarded

when u said thx captain obvious I said your welcome


dang ur still putting stuff on me


better defend my self


answer the one question and I’m happy


which one


The memeing post

That means you were JOKING about not voting reaper which implies that you weren’t actually looking for an explanation and you were toying


wait are you saying that I knew reaper was evil?


this post