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[NSFM] Not Safe Forum Mafia - Prisoners Win




Also, I’d like to say one thing:
@Reaper you actually did way better than a lot of wolves did on their first try. Most newbwolves just kinda give up once they get seriously pushed, but that Firekitten case (while admittedly complete bullshit) shows that you have quite a lot of potential
(even though you lost)
(but you know)


I did horribly, no need to say anymore.

Also forced me to get DatBirbs results.


Btw I stupid and didn’t say “Check Squid” so the game checked the most recent dead person lmao.


searches for the paper plate award list

can’t find jack shit cause I still have an IQ of 12


I went for the best bullshit excuse I could think of


notices the gun is locked up again
notices it was locked out in the first place



You just passively get results as people die


Why didn’t you kill Isaac


I AFKed to death


Don’t worry, mine is -100.


super mario smoking weed 3


sorry Insanity.

talk to me when you have --200IQ


Don’t fabricate lies about me blacklisting people because they don’t vote with you :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


keep isaac.

he’s a mad lad


I was pissed off that he could end the game but didn’t and that he knew reaper was probably evil when I told him to vote and he said this

As well he basically lied about his results jusr cause people could be an alien

I’m sorry but at the same time I don’t like people like Isaac who don’t take the game seriously and just do it to piss people off

Like I won’t do it again and I know it was wrong but I’m just tired of people like him


this isn’t even the first time
Claiming alcoholic as drunk got him CS’d. He has to understand that not everything is a joke


Oof, sorry for reacting late but, thanks for the game and thanks for all the good feedbacks I got! :slight_smile:


when u told me to votei asked for proof and then you started to threatening me that I was going to be blacklisted if I didn’t vote reaper


and then after blue gave proof and I voted