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[NSFM] Not Safe Forum Mafia - Prisoners Win


Fk standard post count


Ideal post count for everyone


I would be a happy kitten if this happened


The way the afk people just sheep FK is annoying


But ggs I have some stuff to learn yet


the way that people are afk are annoying as well

you can’t really read them


honestly the deserter seems pretty hard to win as unless you’re really good


Or you roll Coroner :^)


Ez game


Not Safe Forum Mafia? Nope never happened must;ve been a bad dream for me


Dude Communications Deserter is a free win

Just talk to people you can get to visit you lmao


Also hey did you like my robot rp


Top tier


Top Tier


And what did we learn today, class?
Never openwolf when there’s someone who compares alignments.


2ait horário did it end


I’m sad that I’m only winning games I afked in


that’s only if you roll it tho


The joke is he did



why did he out himself then