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[NSFM] Not Safe Forum Mafia - Prisoners Win


That’s only in ToL


wait can you have 0 iq


Markneu played like a semi-experienced player. Props to them.

Most people aren’t like that game 1


yes you can


I have below 0 iq


so im sure you can have 0 iq


I personally haven’t had 0 iq. I usually stay around the -10 to -20 mark


Wouldn’t really call this RNG, I explained why I checked you the day after

Always worth seeing if the one person that can tell you the actual alignment of a player is telling the truth


when I hit 0 iq ill tell you


@BlueStorm other than the beginning, nice job.


oh btw can we be free from the ship now


but let me stay


cuz ships are nice u knows xdxd


Hey so like I guess I didn’t play good enough since I was included in the why did you sign up list. I try but I guess I just dont play well enough


What I mean by try is say what you think


You tell me, being Iced n1
Because of teleporter
using limited ability n1


Top town imo:
Mark (they did good)


I’ve been trying its just something I’m not that used to. Im hoping with more time I can get better with expressing my own opinions hence why I have been signing up for a lot of games as of recently. :grinning:


This is the ideal post count average for less then 24 hours



Not really pissed at you as much anymore I’m still pissed at Celeste and those people tho