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[NSFM] Not Safe Forum Mafia - Prisoners Win


lol how long did it last


like less then 30 hours



no she was not

openwolfing is expressly dropping all cover

she was just not doing very well at keeping up cover

That’s a big difference - openwolfing involves being, well, an open wolf, not trying to say you aren’t one


The scum didn’t even try besides reaper.
The newbie did more work then half the town

half the people in the sign ups do nothing all game JUST cause they “don’t know how to read”

some of them just straight out borderline gamethrow but of course “nO pRoOf”


lolcatting then?


I don’t see this as gamethrowing


Not a term I’ve heard used that much but probably closer? idk




It’s not Isaac

don’t worry lying about results aren’t borderline


Yeah Isaac wasn’t ever exactly gamethrowing but oh man that lie about his results was ew


yea it isn’t why would I tell someone who isn’t confirmed my results?


also I memed


That’s why it’s borderline and people KNOW it’s wrong but do nothing against it


stop acting like you were confirmed since d1


Yeah because if you crack down on that you also crack down on people doing it for legitimate reasons


I could have been sharing my results with a alien


So what? lol


Rip in pasta scumteam



he knows what he’s doing is wrong

but who cares no proof


As far as I can see lying about who you visited like that was one of the worst things you could have done