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[NSFM] Not Safe Forum Mafia - Prisoners Win




whatever just blacklist me then


if your gonna join no games just because im in it just blacklist me


never talked to marl btw


yea I know


Oof I think I called squid a he


Anyway SHE was going to be the lynch yesterday so she gave up and started memeing

Town Squid wouldn’t do that


that’s why I kept arguing


@orangeandblack5 @Icibalus that’s hammer


if firekitten posted this instead of threatening me none of this would have happened




Reaper has been lynched!

In typical fashion, the less sane have ganged up on our most sane member, wrapping a noose around his neck, dragging him through the halls, and hanging him from the Christmas tree as an ornament. Maybe I shouldn’t have given out instructions so freely. Oh well, you live and you learn. Or, well, you exist and you learn. Either way, good thing he’s white - now I only need to put murder on your records, not a hate crime.

Either way, our sensors have stopped detecting any signs of alien life on this ship. So, I guess you did it. I can put in a word with the higher-ups at the MWRI to see if they can get your prison sentences shortened. Who knows, maybe one of you will survive to meet your three life sentences minus the week I’m recommending.

I’ve gotta say though, looking back on it, I’m just disappointed it seems that the aliens were even dumber than you lot. I really hope they aren’t sending their best on these, because if so their race is even more of a shit-stain on the universe than yours.

Now that that’s been sorted, I guess it’s time to start working on that power bank, lest all of you meet the same fate as those aliens. We do have a mission to accomplish, after all.

The Starship Epiphron has been cleared of all alien lifeforms.

Kai_5 has lost!
PoisonedSquid has lost!
Reaper has lost!
The Prisoners have won!

Post-game thoughts and paper plate awards coming soon - suffice to say, I’m not thrilled a game with good flavor ended in like 24 hours.


@Firekitten that wasn’t openwolfing at all and those tangents were painful to watch


gg nice reads


that’s weird


The first part wasn’t open wolfing about blue but squid was


Man I was the only Prisoner that died


I wish this had more players




so it would last longer


It’s smalltown


And it’s supposed to last close to 300 hours