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[NSFM] Not Safe Forum Mafia - Prisoners Win


And being nice


ill vote him if I see proof that he is 100% alien


don’t forgot that


what did I say that is mean? noob?


Yeah it hurts peoples feelings


yea sure


none of you can’t take a joke then


me calling someone a noob should mean nothing to that person


I agree, It’s just Isaac’s way of noticing you


yea this is about me voting reaper


all you need to do is post proof that reaper is 100% scum


you didn’t need to threaten me


My check confirms Reaper as scum

Squid was scum and the two are on the same team


wheres the proof that squid is scum


I’m making an oath right now

never joining another game here till Isaac is blacklisted or reforms?(or isn’t in the game)

can’t make me


fine blacklist me then


He was openwolfing yesterday


I guess there can’t be two senpais in one game, eh?


/vote reaper


You joke around but you seriously don’t understand how annoyed I get here