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[NSFM] Not Safe Forum Mafia - Prisoners Win


blacklisted for not voting someone


not being fun to play with :slight_smile:


no this all started because I didn’t vote reaper


Nah reaper doesn’t have to do with it

Everyone doesn’t like you and they even told marl so he agreed to it.

he probably will talk to you about it soon


I am against this #NobanforIsaac


okay so vote reaper


I was reading, but since you are here. Tell me why


I mean

I’ll happily try to come to a talk with marl if he did but not sure what happens if he didn’t :thinking:


They are confirmed scum via blue check


Ohhh /Vote Reaper


@Isaac_Gonzalez last chance


whats my last chance




Well not everyone

most of everyone


You will always be in my heart Isaac!


still don’t know what my last chance is


I mean I tried to warn him

maybe you could warn him?


Isaac is senpai!

Isaac, you should be nice to people. I think that’s what Fk is saying


And vote reaper

That helps too


see this is about voting reaper