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Non english thread




Er zijn toch geen nederlandse hier op Zone na volgensmij. Sadface.


Ninguém fala neerlandês sem ser o Zone?



I really loved that games’ OSTs
Also this one:

“Les wabbit se battent” x 7 ( Wabbits are fighting )
“Les wabbit se battent encore” x 4 ( Wabbits are still fighting )
" Le but des wabbit est de se battre " x 4 ( Wabbits have to fight )
" Les wabbit sont ouh ouh " x 2 ( Wabbits are ~ )
" Les wabbit sont tombés ! " x 2 ( Wabbits are down )
" Le but des wabbit est de se battre, encore, jusqu’au bout ! " x 1 ( Wabbits have to fight, again, till the end ! )


Actually discovered both had lyrics when I was playing at midnight and my mind started to pay half-attention on the BGM after being stuck in both dungeons for two hours.
“Guys I am starting to make some sense in the bg music”
"Yep I’m starting to hear some latinesque thing with wabbits and “tumbi” that could mean “as well’”

tumbi was actually tombés but :’^}


Also props to Wakfu for actually having an universe and pantheon and making both very clear that they aren’t just an excuse for a hack-and-slash MMO
The game had several problems but was legitimately fun to battle at and had concepts I still haven’t forgotten, also professions system relying on climate and geographical area


Tipo olhando pros dois você não consegue dizer de cara o que as classes fazem e isso significa um bom conceito
Maskeraiders mudavam a máscara que usavam e eram guerreiros marciais ágeis, o segundo criava portais btw.
portais assim:



здаров бандиты)


cyka blyat




Yare yare daze


(( _ _ ))…zzzZZ












Morderkaiser numero uno