"Noble's Call" and "Nobles" ability names changed to prevent confusion

We have The Noble class, but then we also have Nobles.

All nobles can step up to become the king by using their Noble’s Call ability.

Wait wat?? This is confusing! Ok – Let’s change it.

This will now be changed to prevent confusion:

  • The Noble class will remain the same.
  • Nobles will now be known as Royals.
  • The Noble’s Call ability will now be known as Royal Blood.

We decided to change this after some feedback from awesome people just like you :wink:

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Why not call them “Royalty” instead of “Royals”?

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Because it’s easier and shorter to make the connection of the singular royal with royals plural for the sake of simplicity.



Wait why did you necro this?


Did you see I replied to someone who is non-existent?

She posted something weird.

But y this thread

There was a spambot of some kind in this thread for whatever reason, but it’s been dealt with. I think it posted in this thread specifically because the word “call” was in the title.

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Oh cool