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Nintendo has MASTERED the hype cycle


Ideal DLC picks.

4 other characters (because I know you would put joker anyway(


okay then true.

but how do you know that’s the case with Klo?

I mean I wouldnt know because I’m not a gay furry


hold on brb

imma phone a friend.

@Insanity would you fuck Klonoa?


when you kill a thread by horribly attempting to pwn marl with fact and logic


Please no furries


Your head



I didn’t even know what game that is :eyes:




nobody wants to fuck a lot of things


Riou (Suikoden 2)


Klonoa seems like he’s a kid anyway


Isn’t Shantae already a spirit


a wat


if she’s already an assist trophy or something replace her with isaac from golden sun


isaac is assist trophy


a shame spirits now deconfirm via reggie’s statement

I really fucking wanted Geno


I don’t

It’s a combination of the content being great, the presentation being amazing, and the surprise factor being maximum. The sudden appearance of a nearly two-year-old game was already surprising, but then the main character is suddenly in Smash, which is releasing in 30 minutes?



Rayman is a good pick, actually - Nintendo and Ubisoft are pretty chill.

Also Shantae is already a spirit


I don’t even know what Spirits are


Did you just not watch the directs or…?