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Nintendo has MASTERED the hype cycle


Klonoa in smash would be the greatest thing


Dig Dug just feels like another Ice Climbers situation

except there’s only one dug boi


he looks like an off brand sonic character


As in he is a cartoon animal?


He is indeed a cartoon animal


Donkey Kong is a Off Brand Sonic too


Fuck no.

nearly all pokemon are off brand sonics


Pikachu? Nah, off brand Sonic


Rip off of Zappy the Mouse


It’s a me,



This is the only Pokemon who is not an off brand sonic


also fact:

Bowser’s final smash is him hitting the epic whip


Or y’know

his eyes
his shoes
the very obvious attempt at looking like an ‘80s cool kid’
the gloves

and yes the fact that he’s a cartoon animal


okay well other than that.

Klonoa doesnt play like sonic at all


no he plays like a bad off brand kirby


also we don’t need more furry bait in smash kthanks

they already got incineroar


who do you suggest in your ideal DLC world?

I’m interested


also wouldnt banjo count as furry.

I like banjo too but still


Ideal World or realistic guesses?


nobody wants to fuck banjo