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Nintendo has MASTERED the hype cycle


Nintendo themselves picked the DLC fighters

Joker was probably picked to be the second Sega rep, because Sega own Atlus

So we should perhaps look to other guest characters and their owners

Perhaps a second Square or Konami rep


Wait Konami own Castlevania


If we get another Square rep it’s gotta be Sora


maybe an off the wall Namco rep like Dig Dug or Klonoa or someone from Tekken or Soulcalibur


tekken and soulcalibur characters are super generic

unless it’s juri


wait juri is street fighter right


yeah all tekken and soulcalibur characters are bad


Now I’ve said it I really really want Klonoa in smash


2B from Nier Automata for smash


Also Namco own the licenses to a bunch of anime including Sailor Moon, Heroaca, Gundam, Naruto, Jojo and Dragonball


What I’m saying is Goku in Smash


goku would be boring

give us all might instead


or luffy


Gimme someone with an actual interesting power set like Todoroki


who needs interesting playstyles when you can have a T H I C C android instead



Kirito in Smash and his FS is to win the whole game through high-key plot bullshit


@Nintendo pls give me Klonoa


all the best anime superpowers cannot be contained by a smash moveset and we know it



So Klonoa please


definitely Klonoa.

would be great