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Nintendo has MASTERED the hype cycle


tilted towers will be a stage


it’s an ectremly polar game so itll be in smash like mine craft stevr


Phoenix Wright for Smash



long time series always on nintendo consoles :eyes:


Worked with capcom in the past for megaman and ryu :eyes:


Phoenix Wright is a pretty good candidate for DLC


we’d bettter get Phoenix



Azure Striker Gunvolt


with my boy Edgeworth as a skin for him




honestly it would’ve been cool if they released 2 echoes alongside the fighter packs


Mighty Number 9 Beck as mega man echo


you make all explosions look like shit and you make him incredibly nerfed


I really should make a joke character suggestions thread so I don’t clog here.


but this is a hype thread

the whole point is to be clogged


Hollow Knoght would be sick but I find it unlikely if Nintendo is making the picks


Was thinking about this

It could happen

But I would hope somebody has the common sense to shut it down


I doubt it’d happen tho.

But if it did. Nintendo would be getting so much backlash


We’re probably going to have another Smash Ballot once these 5 fighters are picked


God I’d love a Year 2