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Nintendo has MASTERED the hype cycle


Give us Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes

It’s a wii game


yeah true but minecraft is really well known as a game of this decade.


Hollow Knight is too new for smash tbh.

Dont get me wrong. I’d love hollow knight in smash but still. it’s too recent


Persona is a series.

Splatoon is owned by Nintendo


and hollow ain’t too popular


Persona 5 dropped in April of 2017

AKA 2 months after hollow knight

and here we are


can’t we just fucking agree that Joker being in Smash is the greatest thing to ever happen on a nintendo platform ever

  1. persona is 3rd party. not indie
  2. it’s in an already existing series





but minecraft belongs to microsoft (alongside banjo & kazooie)

the odds of them getting in are slim to none


yeah. it’s one or the other I know.

and yes the two both have drawbacks


I’d explain.

but too busy eating sorry


no i think it’s neither

not one or the other

i’d love banjo to get in but i doubt it tbh


all I’m certain on is sora at rhis point ngl


Hollow Knight has a real chance, that game’s switch port was hyped up a ton


Hollow is extremely unlikely


could be


even if it was hyped.

doesnt mean its in smash


Fortnite will be in smash ultimate for sure tho.


my uncle said so