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Nintendo has MASTERED the hype cycle


Why do I have a feeling Steve is going to be one of the DLC characters?





Also Joker’s existence makes up for the sin that is PP and Incineroar

everything is forgiven



Those two are fine

Joker just straight up makes any character non Nintendo to be in the game

It’s amazing




I have a minor feeling we might get an undertale character in smash.

yup. as a playable. very minor but its there.
itd be cool to see undyne or something


I mean the reason why its minor is because shovel knight is assist


I mean. imma hope for banjo


banjo is more likely than steve imo


now that I think about it. both are as likely as eachother.

also Sora


Banjo is an icon of the N64 era.

Steve is an icon of indie games.


Hollow Knight
The Kid from Bastion

all good picks


Hollow Knight fits this niche better


Hollow Knight wold be great but like my argument with an undertale character.

Shovel Knight is an assist.


literally the very top of the indie game category


minecraft is just more well known.


Minecraft is owned by Microsoft
therefore not indie



it was bought by microsoft


before Mojang was indie


Was indie doesn’t mean Is indie :^)