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Ninjas And Guns - Game Over - You guys got defeated by wolves with water pistols


That slip wouldn’t have worked d3 >.>

maybe d2

but really, luxy was joat and had no reason to out

he could’ve just shot whoever he thought was scum


Seer cover is meant to be more used as if you actually know who the PR is but no one else directly does

Its good for outting seer checks, however it’s terrible when you do it to a protective cause they have no useful infomation to out so they have no need to out.

Doing that D3 would have been good


Yes they did. They outted cause they thought you slipped


You can’t blame luxy for that :man_shrugging:


he could’ve just shot me at night so no he didn’t


@Alice help explain to max why it’s not luxy fault plz


tl;dr - if you’re doing a strategy to cover for another PR like a Hunter covering for a Prince, if it goes bad you should fess up immediately and chainsawing them is the absolute worst thing you can do.


When a PR is outed it’s very difficult in an open setup to put it back in.


Yes Luxy could shoot you but then that’s a shot that will never hit scum. It’s negative utility.


If Luxy shot you at night and you were indeed Wolf JK then he’d never be able to shoot anyways

Him dying n1 basically meant that this was mountainous.

Can we stick to the usual seer fakeclaims next time thanks?


That fake jailkeep slip was so real, I literally thought maximus was wolf jailkeep




Try to avoid speculation in a matrix setup first unless it has been started by a townie and you’re following that up. If you for some reason had flipped here you’d have tipped your hand scum were IC hunting which meant that may be possible and you narrow down what doesn’t exist.


One other side note. This here being an Aspie myself is a huge pet peeve.

You wouldn’t find it acceptable for me to go “oh he’s so stupid and dude with an H avatar” then don’t use autistic or gay in the same way. It only makes you sound like you have a limited vocabulary.


This does it better than me. You’re doing the same when you say stupid and autistic. If you think stupid isn’t strong enough a word find one better.


For you I would say as scum watch your voting habits and contribute more so switches seem more authentic.


did you just call me a dude with H avatar?!?


Yes I did. Do you see the point?


Math he was doing a joke and I don’t think he got taught anything.


Oh :frowning: :frowning: